Thursday, June 26, 2008

Welcome to the Neighborhood

One night after cleaning the labs I noticed a small group nearby, and went off to investigate. Gathered in the darkness I spied the Metal-Man Hassenov, and the Noted busybodies Elladriene Laval and Air-Stewardess-Captain (or whatever) Zoe Connolly. They were plotting and planning some sort of propaganda, so I sat and watched for a bit. Eventually they summoned me closer, and I bade them a pleasant good evening, at which point they distracted me by displaying some photos for a magazine in production. Once I was unaware, they sprung their trap! They loosed a wild tiger at me!

Luckily, I speak some dialects of Tiger, so after warding off the beast with my Iron claws, and startling it with several cannon-shots, I was able to convince it to be subdued. I climbed to it's back and rode it, much to the amazement of the fiendish trio who had summoned the beast! But at their shouts, it threw me off again. Again they urged it to attack. Eventually, they bored if this sport, and called the vicious beast off.

Miss Laval reiterated that The Doctor was being watched, despite my protests that she was but a misunderstood genius and merchant. This shall not end here! They shall feel the discomfort of comeuppance, when on their knees before her they beg for mercy, bwuh-hah-hah!

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Evil Tiny Kitty said...

They did WHAT to you?! She said WHAT?!

They shall beg for mercy INDEED!