Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dirty Jobs: ETK Labs

Evenings at the lab has become an enjoyable routine for me. For it, I often take a neko form so I can reach all the tall places that need dusting. My rounds begin with inspection for nefarious traps and devices left by one of the Doctor's many adversaries. I proceed to dispose of leftover corp... er, evidence of the day's activities. These are dragged to the nearby Moors, where another anonymous headstone will easily go unnoticed.

Next, synchronization of the Cavoritional engine the Dr. has constructed. Checking energy levels in the capacitors, and washing the window-tubes.

Then comes feeding the other occupant here, the Doctor's experiment in Bio-organic manipulation:Chuckles the Rat, or Mr. Squeaky, as I have come to call him. He enjoys long walks in the basement, but has learned the hard way not to nibble from the mistress' cheese.

Next a short break, gazing in adoration at the Mistress's portrait, sighing contentedly in awe of her magnificent genius.

Then, to keep myself in fighting shape, I don my fighting jammies and practice my katas!

After the work-out, it's back to the grind, sweeping the levels- we shed a lot, it seems!

Finally, a good scrubbing of my sleeping-area, removing any lingering spray. Nasty stuff!


"Wax on, Wax off...wax on, wax off..."

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Evil Tiny Kitty said...

Ah, Mr Quan, I "suppose" I shall keep you around...