Monday, July 28, 2008

July- Oddkitties Local 1

July did not seem a promising month for ETK world domination, at first. The good (evil) doctor has been absent from the labs, and the Caledon hierarchy still refused to cede their lands and wills to her genius. My attempts to wrest Sim Management status from The Viceriene, the true power of Caledon, were met with an invitation to "go jump in a lake." So I did, but to no avail.

I wallowed late nights pondering, taking solace in the charms of New Taloo's fine drinking establishments, consorted by an array of belles, ruffians, and the occasional bored zombie. "Back Zombie! You will find no brains here!" Eventually after several late nights in amusing company, and several chilling nights spent underneath it's outdoor tables, I realized what I was missing most- Shelter!

A Cunning plan was hatched- a home for wastrels, minions, and those of like mind. A secret society, to provide shelter for The sim's rain-besogged drinkers- Perhaps, perhaps we could call it...Benevolent?!! Bwah-hah-hah! yessss. But not the Masons, no..There is already a Mason-guy in every sim...

And so was born The (Mostly) Benevolent Fellowship of Oddkitties! (Not a front for the Worldwide Evil Tiny Kitty Conspiracy, oh no sirree). The ranks filled quickly, and grows still. A meeting-hall has been constructed, which houses Speaking area, Labs, Submarine base, and devices diabolical.
From this lectern, speeches of swaying drunken ineloquence may spring forth, heeded or no!

Hoping to provide the freshest crayfish gumbo in New Taloo, I've preserved an easy access-way to their growing-pits. Perhaps someday I'll cover the's far too useful now, though.
The crayfish are served forth in a Free Soup Kitchen, maintained out front by the Oddkitties. Special "down-home" seasonings (like Laudanum) help convince passers-by to join our fellowship!
Our first "Irregular" meeting happened unannounced at the local hobo encampment, where, after searching through the vanished hobo's belongings, we joined in a Mambo Amoeba of Doom-

Followed by Mambo Mob Bull-riding, and line dancing through the streets of Costa Rica, frightening livestock and small children. Not terribly productive, but delightfully non-conformist in its own way. With babyquakes we shake the foundations of society! Soon, the nations will tremble before the unconventionality and awesome mystery of the Oddkitties, Bwah-hah-hah!!!