Friday, December 5, 2008

Some New Number 2

In a weeks time I've earned my turn as Number two! The identity of number 1 has eluded me thus far, but, as he only communicates via an eye portal in the wall and calls on the Alexander Graham Bell device, a cake of soap for the eye and a few wire snips soon sorted that out. I rule with gentle hand (tucked into a fist of iron, of course.) Having edicted the anassing of mouse-heads, and broken more prisoners than really required, I find myself somewhat at ease, ruling in the Genius doctor's name! Bwuhahaha!!

There is some dissent though, amongst the Village People. One in particular, a catty one (not in a good sense) acts as if she owns the place. Her impertinence annoys me.
I've settled into a cozy relationship with one of the rover devices- they're remarkably sensitive and enjoyably brutal! We go for long rolls on the beach, evenings spent not-too-close to the fire, and skulking after escapees! very nice!

Another sip of brandy before a delightful smother...what's this? Rather too earthy..the room spins! That catty woman! Drugged!....

Darkness washes over me again....

Cough! Cough!
Curses. Still in this pit!

For weeks now...entombed alive. Living off of earthworms and ground occasional rodent (Five, me mousie friend escaped safely, I hope; he scampered off many days ago, after he saw me scarf that marmoset.) I drift in and out of hallucination, nightmares dance before my eyes-
(Cato's Hallucination, as performed by The Cure-)
Lime green lime green lime green and tangerine
Are the sickly sweet colours of the snakes I'm seeing
Lime green lime green and tangerine
Are the sickly sweet colours of the devil in my dreams
It gets to Friday and I give you a call
"You know I'm getting kind of worried
No she doesn't seem herself at all...
Lime green and a sickly kind of orange
I've never seen her like this before..."
I had the best laid plans this side of America!
Started out in church and finished with Angelica
Red and blue soul with a snow white smile
"Can you dig it?"
I had the best laid plans this side of America
Started up in church and finished with Angelica
And now I dig it in the dirt
And I'm down here for a while...
Down here for a while...

You've got to make up your mind and make it soon
Is there room in your life
For one more trip to the moon?
Is there room in your life...For one more?
Burn red burn red burn red burn red and gold
Are the deep dark colours of the snakes I hold
Burn red burn red burn red and gold
Are the deep dark colours of the devil at home
She pulls me down just as I'm trying to hide
Grabs me by the hair and drags me outside
And starts digging in the dirt...
For a not so early bird it's the only way
For her to get the worm
I had the best laid plans this side of America
Started out in church and finished with Angelica
Red and blue soul with a snow white smile
"Can you dig it?"
I had the best laid plans this side of America
Started out in church and finished with Angelica
And now I dig it in the dirt
And I'll be down here for a while...
"Hello? are you still there?"
...And much too late..."
... Sorry... wrong number..."

Hrmmm? What's That?! A light???

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Rival

Having woken and explored, I find myself within a sea-side resort prison compound! What a waste of tax dollars! I've taken my usual Tiny-kitty form and have been summoned to meet some sort of evil overlord. -Off I go to the green domed building, where I'm whisked in to an evil underground lair!

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Imprisoned

I remember the rocks falling, the press of soil. The mousey scree as Five, my pet, scurried away. The silence. Who knows how long. Scraping, searching. No strength, finally submitting to the void. All darkness.
Deep, long sleep- I find comfort. Darkness and stillness will be my company.

Then I rouse, finally. To my surprise a warm bed, bandages! A rescue! I open weary eyes and see a hospital. Fine, I will recover, all is well.

To delicious, healing slumber I return; the darkness comes again, this time bringing restoration to my weary bones. I greet it with renewed welcome.

I awaken again, health seemingly returned. A new bed- new room. Where is this?

I rise finding clothing at the foot of this foreign bed, I don it. Some sort of frock coat and official badge. I notice my shape is neko, though I entered the tunnels in my smaller form. I assume this aided my healing somewhat. This place is strange to me- it seems too clean for New Toulouse, too modern for Steelhead or Caledon. Odd.

I wander the rooms of this house, for a residence it is, tho empty. No papers or signage reveal wear I am. Surely, I'm grateful to be whole, but my curiosity now runs rampant.

A step outside reveals unusual flora, palms and temperate together! Is this mainland? The place is empty, no chat noise, no sploders overhead. An Island, I take it, the Colonies perhaps? I wander the verandas, plazas and gardens, drawing near a main building..

A large chess set outside a town hall- voices now in the distance-

A quaint village indeed.

But where am I, who has brought me here? What might this badge signify?
Stay tuned...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Talking Animals? Typical meme.

Your result for The Literary Style Test...

George Orwell

Your Literary Style Is 33% Realistic, 33% Philosophical, and 33% Psychological!

Your literary style mostly resembles George Orwell's. Orwell mainly wrote allegorical or symbolic stories, often with a blatant political message. His writing was highly fantastic and involved strange settings and odd scenarios, such as futuristic negative utopias or talking animals. His writing is mostly characterized by its allegorical nature, and its rejection of traditional realism. Similarly your own writing is often abstract, strange, and allegorical. You don't focus much on psychological issues, but tend to be more subtle, letting the symbolism or the strange story speak for itself. Your style is very straight-forward, not letting itself get bogged down in philosophical issues or thoughts, but instead focusing on crafting an interesting, intriguing story.

Some stories you may enjoy: 1984 and Animal Farm.

The other literary styles:

Edgar Allan Poe / Jorge Luis Borges / Franz Kafka / F. Scott Fitzgerald / Fyodor Dostoevsky / Herman Melville / Albert Camus

Take The Literary Style Test at HelloQuizzy

Monday, September 29, 2008

Beneath Mt. Steelhead-

Beneath Mt. Steelhead-

Having narrowly escaped a mob of pitchfork-wielding Steelhead whale-defenders, I've decided to take a more direct approach to commerce in that port-town, a withdrawal of sorts. The managers had carelessly revealed in our meeting the coordinates to the Silver-hoard they had taxed the populace under the pretense of defense. (The silver was collected to "prevent the creation of ammunition that might harm the lycan Sheriff", so I had hopes there might also be other city officials susceptible to damage by arrows of Gold, impalement by Rubies, or nasty paper cuts by negotiable bearer bonds, and these had been collected too.) Having the coordinates in-hand, I wended my way through the tunnels of Steelhead, finding a spot directly (or as close as I could determine ) under the treasury.

Having found the location, I've secured a barrel charge of gunpowder, strung the fuse, and prepared a match...


Hmmm, no hole...but a still a rumble!!
Oh dear.'s collapsing!




Is this the end of Cato Quan?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Whaler, Part 2

The journey to the viking lands in search of Viking crew having proved mostly fruitless (I did find some recipes on how to make bland food even blander, a few nice axes, and some unattended sheep to accompany me back to New Taloo, where I shall likely set up a mail-order bride business catering to Caledonian bachelors) I nevertheless pushed on my studies of the art of cetacean angling- this time finding a willing but nervous bunch of sailing-folk on Amity Island.

They were kind enough, but as the prey began to eat away parts of the boat, I thanked them and bid a hasty retreat. A trip to the library and a quick reading of an abridged Melville yielded better results.

As for crew, I was lucky in in the willingness of Oddkitty Bedlamie to accompany me. Wary of nosy fishing inspectors, she agreed on a naval outfit that might help ease our way out of any such detainment or investigation! How distracting indeed!

As I had fishing rights to Steelhead, I reasoned I have rights also to the whales that principally dwelt there. Therefore, if I could catch one that was merely vacationing elsewhere, I reasoned this was still fair game. So rather than setting course to the now-empty waters of Steelhead, we instead charted for the waters of Winterfell, where fell beasts are known to roam. Very quickly we found whale-sign! "A behemoth off the port bow!" was the cry! We tacked closer-
A mighty chase was had, tacking and running in tandem with the beast, till it slowed- alongside we crept-

A boat was lowered, we climbed down and paddled closer!

All at once I jumped on the beast! A mighty harpoon in hand!

Bedlamie, fierce and graceful, joined the hunt! The beast was o'er matched!

A fine catch! Bedlamie pulled it on board, and we sailed our prize back to New Taloo (after a quick shopping expedition to Winterfell)

The filleting completed, the canning now begins in earnest!
To be marketed as "SALMON-ella" "A mystery fishy food-product from the makers of Krazy Kat Kibble. Now with more Opiates!"

Just look for the rust-colored label!