Sunday, June 15, 2008

May - Coming to Caledon

May- Have arrived in Caledon after arduous journey. Have sent a "Special" resume along to the Doctor applying to the Minion position. Have a little free time before the appointment. I shall put it to good use, researching the mechanisms of state, and how they may best be thwarted! Bwuh-hah-hah-hah!!

The streets of the capital seem quiet- oddly empty of soldiers and guardsmen, beggars and thieves. I stop in a local shop...

Hmmm, I shall need a new set of clothes to blend in here...

Further along I see a large government hall, stealthily, I make my way in...and assume the seat of power!

I sit in state, sole ruler of Caledon! This was an absurdly easy coup! Long may I reign! I ready my edicts, and wait for the underlings and legislators to arrive...

Confound it! Where are they!!!??
I remain waiting in the empty hall for over an hour.
They are wily, indeed.

Giving up on this I continue exploring..ah-hah! the Governor's Palace! Perhaps I can "persuade" him into a granting of move/edit rights! ..bwu-hah-hah! I prepare my "Claws of Convincing"..

Empty again! But I find his plans for world domination brazenly displayed for all to see, The Hubris! How I admire it!

Soon, sir, ...Soon you shall feel the thorns in this Realm of Roses! Bwuh-haah-hhah-hahha!!!!

Still laughing softly (but maniacally) under my breath, I journey on to the Tiny Evil Kitten Labs, for my interview.

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