Sunday, June 15, 2008

Prowling New Taloo

I've heard much about the bustling Port town of New Toulouse, and have decided this would be an excellent place to expand the grasp of the Hidden Paw, should the Evil Doctor ever wish to do so. With this in mind I took a leisurely day casing the city.

Her citizens are gregarious and prone to indulgence, it seems. This is a good sign. Fertile fields to find new sub-minions, should they be required!

Sipping my brew, I sped through the winding streets, till I spied an advertisement for new property- an expansion into the nearby swamps of New Algeirs is planned. Ho-ho! Quickly I reserved a plot for a secret safehouse. Excellent.

Soon the cry will ring out- "Y'all bow down now, Y'heah?" Bwauh-hah-hahh-hahh!!!

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