Friday, June 27, 2008

Go For the Guv

The Genius Doctor has informed me that there is another application for Minion. I greet this news with some trepidation, as I fear the halving of my supply of Mouseheads. I determine to strike a blow for the Hidden Paw that will not go unnoticed. I resolve to begin my acquaintence with the leader of these free isles, too long in peaceful slumber- The Guvnah himself.

Luckily, I find him on the ingenious torture device he has had constructed- A Furries Wheel, I believe he calls it. Creatures are barred into seats and slowly spun to oblivion! Brilliant madness! It has yet to be submerged, but once it is in the water it shall serve to coerce his enemies to adopt Caledonian correction quickly!

I found him on it's trial run, I sat myself down on the seat, next to Miss Mari (of new Taloo) and chatted amiably.

Once his suspicion eased, I struck! Activating my Hypno-wheel and fixing him with my eyes, I bent his will to mine! Bwauh-hah-ha! I first asked for copy/mod rights...for all of Caledon!!!

He resisted, and mentioned Estate Manager rights...but then explained this was mainly Janitorial, returning lost or discarded objects...I considered, but it sounded like -work- to me...I hesitated a moment too long, and in a flash, his IM Storm Super-abilities rescued him. He was off to manage some tier payment issue! Poof he was gone!

Alas, I fear the Doctor will not be impressed. Next stop, the mousehead barrel, then the backyard, to cache it!

1 comment:

Evil Tiny Kitty said...

Ah, it was not time to strike anyway though, but it is nice to know you were able to get so close!

*cackles evilly*

For that I shall give you a trout.