Friday, June 27, 2008

Fashion Show Face-Off

I had been asked by Miss Discovolante (after some prodding, I'll admit) to participate in a Fashion Show for Tinies. Ah-ha! I thought. The perfect place to test my new Widespread Hypnotising device! Certainly, if the attendees did not carry mice, they would actually -be- mice, or know where they would be found! A bonanza, Bwuah-hah-hah-haaa! I would feast well.
The party raged, well was the time to strike!

The hypnowheel was activated! I read my demands to the assembled crowd- but mice were not forthcoming; Instead, a call went out for funds to bribe a Super-hero-type to awaken and stop me! Curses!!!

And who appeared, but Wonder-gator-Woman!

I stood shocked at her presumption to challenge me. We exchanged unpleasantries and set to each other's throats there on dance-floor. Alas she was formidable, somewhat slimy, and armor plated. I admit distraction by the novel lizardy curves, and ended up quitting the dance floor and my hypno-plans. But, I say, she/he/it has not seen the last of me, Oh no! The day shall come when she flops in futility at the feet of the Hidden Paw! Bwuah-hah-hah! I need new boots! Bwuah-hah-haaaa

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Evil Tiny Kitty said...


You were foiled by an alligator in an Amazonian princess costume???!!! Whaaaat?!

*mutters about scratching post privileges and time with Chuckles*