Thursday, June 26, 2008

Of Babbages and Kings

Took an evening to explore the Babbage sims. Sooty and grim, though full of ingenious machinery!

I soon realize I couldn't swing a human without hitting 3 other mad scientists, it's so thick with them here. There's something to be said for being unique in one's trade: Overthrow would be difficult with so many competing evil agendas, each more diabolical and nefarious than the last!

I think I shall fulfill my position more easily in Caledon and New Toulouse, and leave this place to it's own devices, for now at least.

1 comment:

Evil Tiny Kitty said...

Why yes, "mad scientists" seem to be as prevalent as the urchins there. I do love Babbage though. Somehow it seems more villainy-inclined...

...Which leaves Caledon wide open. *grins*