Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Night or two in New Taloo

The land is contracted for, and building will commence soon in the New Algeirs swamps, So I journeyed there again to make measurements for the basement crawdad-pit I plan to install. Soon, their palates will be trained for gomer gumbo- Bwuah-hahh-hah!..heh. But first, after some verbal sparring with Group-Action-Captain (or whatever) Zoe Connelly, I accepted a ride-along with Mr Henri as, I believe, he scouted possible bootlegging routes.

Jostling and jumping along, we sped through swamp and bayou, street and sidewalk, until we were both quite shaken and stirred. A notable engine in this car!

I've made contact with a soul sympathetic to the plight of Evil Kitty Genius here in one Miss LxxxXxx (name omitted for security purposes) who shall serve as a valuable contact in the goings-on about town and in New Toulouse proper. Hopefully, she can instruct me in the local Patois and culture here, that a kitty such as myself may blend in all the better!


Evil Tiny Kitty said...

Ah, Miss LxxxXxx shall be under the protection of Hidden Paw.

That Miss Connolly however...*mutters*

Zoe Connolly said...

Well Mr Quan...

By verbal sparring, you mean asking questions about my sister Zabrina? I'm not sure she would be interested in dating just any minion. But I'll leave that to you both for discussion.

As for you Dr. Alter...

Your Hidden Paw organization is near the top of the Royal Caledon Air Force watch list.