Saturday, June 14, 2008


April. Received instructions from the dispersed brotherhood to travel to Caledon, there to carry on the struggle against the imperialist forces that have brought us ruin. My mission: To apprentice to the known genius and Evil Tiny Kitty Dr. Malegatto Alter, aiding her in anyway possible to wake the Caledonian nation from it's long nightmare of peace and sobriety, and embrace her leadership as it should.

I say goodbye to the serene mountains of my homelands, it's citizenry once orderly, now tea-huckstering and appeasing to the Caledonian swarms that seek to invest and infest the countryside with their sickly waistcoated cheerfulness, and pollute our precious chat lists with their cheeky innuendo and un-ending event announcements... this is one event they shall not foresee! The revolution will not be advertised! Soon the sims of the Caled lands will tremble at the might of evil tiny kitty genius! Then shall the Doctor's dictates be obeyed; among them the ending of the "altering" of kitties, equal-access laws for Tinies, and mice upon demand for Evil tiny kitties! (I'm sure there's more, but these are the ones I'm excited about. She's smart. She knows what to do, I'm sure.)

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